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    Congratulations to PH own-brand products. PH - 01003 - D200 af must no... 2014-2-20
    Supply copper (copper) + graphite carbon composite materials in the ap... 2013-7-24
    Supply nano thermal conductive copper foil (white/black) in the applic... 2013-4-12
    Supply (thermal conductive copper foil surface can be sprayed in black... 2013-4-9
    New product application 1:thin copper foil 20 u + rubber (copper) doub... 2013-2-27
    The company introduces many sets of copper foil automatic spot welding... 2012-8-12
    Congratulations to PH own-brand products. PH00501 * 2 is used by China... 2012-8-7
    Preferential supply XPH series products 2012-4-12
    Congratulations PHW0T - 39000-00150-001250 using the specified by the ... 2010-8-29
    XPH - dongguan city han metal products co., LTD., the original materia... 2010-8-3
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