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    For the purpose of credibility, quality as the fundamental, to provide you with quality services



    Introduction to the Introuction

    PH dongguan han metal products co., LTD., production and agent all kinds of metal materials, specializing in the insulating tape, shockproof ribbon materials. Its product variety, suitable scope is very broad, especially for electric, electronic, audio-visual, magnetic price quality, a variety of domains such as aerospace and photographic equipment, in addition, the company also produces a variety of applicable special industries and high-tech industry using adhesive tape.

    PH dongguan product han metal products limited company products are sold to many countries in the world, and many multinational companies in each of these areas has affirmed the company's products meet the international standards of most like EM, VDE, DIN. BSS. IEC. ASTM. UL. The MIL. AFERA, and CWN with its associated hours and get IS09001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification qualification.

    PH professional service team since it was founded in 2003, in line with "sincere, credit" of the spirit so as to achieve the purpose of sustainable development, at the same time, uphold the "quality, service, price" as one idea, provide instant search and services to maintain long-term stable cooperative relations with customers.

    PH in addition to continue to market demand, research and development to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and long-term advantage, in order to better provide more professional and efficient services, and at the same time agents and sales all kinds of international brand of professional electronic materials and components to meet the customer a perfect trading platform and favorable trade terms.

    Hope to have the opportunity to with you together for the development of electronic markets around the world struggle to grow up together, grow together. In some begging you (are) the love and give the biggest support. Thank you very much!

    XPH hardware products co., LTD. Dongguan product han since August 01, 2010 all materials issue updated to bring PHW and PH number, its scope of services and products materials issue as below:

    Conductive sponges (Conductive terms) : PH - D190A PH PH - D600A - D320A PH - D500A

    PH - D030B PH - D050B PH - D080B PH - D100B PH - D150B PH - D160B PH - D200B PH - D300B PH - D400B

    PH - D1002 PH - D1502 PH - D2002 PH - D4002

    Conductive Fabric, Conductive Fabric) : PH - F1001 PH - F1002 PH - F1003 PH - F1004 PH - F1005 PH - F1006

    PH - F2001 PH - F2002 PH - F2003 PH - F2004 PH - F2005 PH - F2006

    Special conductive cloth (0.05 to 0.3 mmT) double-sided conductive adhesive conductive cloth (0.05-0.05 mmT) comprehensive conductive PE 0.3 1.0 mmT (punch)

    Copper foil, Copper foil thickness 0.018 0.4 mmT)) : PH - 00181 PH - 00251 PH PH PH - 00351-00351-01001... Different thickness, such as the width of the material

    Copper foil tape, Copper tape thickness 0.018 0.4 mmT) : PH - 00182 PH - 00252  PH - 00352   PH - 00502

    PH - 00183 PH - 00253 PH - 00353   PH - 00503  PH-00753    PH-01003

    Copper foil substrate double-sided conductive adhesive (double - cooper tape thickness 0.018 0.4 mmT) PH - 00184 PH - 00254 PH - 00354 PH PH - 00504-00504

    Copper foil got class (the thickness of the Copper - pet 0.038 0.4 mmT) PH PH0 PH - 01000-01000-01000

    Special processing: tin-coated copper foil (0.025 0.4 mmT) single/double guide tin-coated copper foil tape (0.085-0.5 mmT) embossed copper foil


    Aluminum (Aluminum - foil thickness 0.05 0.4 mmT) : PH - 10251 PH PH PH - 10351-10351-11001... Different thickness, such as the width of aluminum

    Aluminum foil tape (Aluminum - tape) : PH - 00252 PH - 10352 PH PH - 10502-10502

    PH - 10253 PH - 10353 PH PH - 10503-10503

    Aluminum foil substrate double-sided conductive adhesive (Aluminum double - tape) PH - 102 a4 PH - 10254 PH - 10354 PH PH - 10504-10504

    The Aluminum foil matt (Aluminum - pet) : PH - 10250 PH - 10380 PH - 10500 PH - 10600 PH - 10750 PH PH - 11000-11000

    Hot melt heat conductive aluminum foil got PH - ML380 PH - PP200 PP filler material


    High temperature resistant adhesive TAPE (POLYIMIDE and POLYIMIDE TAPE) PH - K0251 PH - K0501 PH - K0751 PH - K1001 PH - K1251 PH - K1501 PH - K1881 PH - K251 PH - K0252 PH - K0502 PH - K0752 PH - K1002 PH - K1252 PH - K1502 PH - K1882 PH PH - K0505 - K252 PH - K0255 PH - K0755 PH - K1005 PH - K1255 PH - K1505 PH - K1885 PH - K255

    Other insulating materials conductive shielding materials etc..

    Thermal conductive adhesive (no substrate thermal conductive adhesive, 0.025 to 0.1) wave fiber cloth substrate thermal conductive adhesive aluminum substrate thermal conductive copper foil substrate thermal conductive adhesive

    Contact information:

    Dongguan product han: south China: Tel: 18988719778/18676955343 0769-87064681 / Fax: 0769-87064683

    Horizontal drain town, dongguan city, guangdong province mountain industrial area of fuzhou

    pinhan100@gmail.com, pinhan_100@163.com  www.ruiliball.com

    wenhong100@gmail.com,  willwu_100@163.com  www.ruiliball.com



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